Open Adult Ballet Fridays & Saturdays 10:00 a - 11:30 p

Open Adult Ballet


Fridays & Saturdays

 Classes begin: September  14

10:00 - 11:30

Fall/Winter Season 2018/19



Monday 10:00 – 11:15 Jazz Fusion Adult Arneson

 6:00 – 7:30   Open African  Gordon-Mateen

Tuesday  4:30 – 6: 00 Ballet 1,2,3 Child O’Toole

 4:30 – 6:00    Ballet 4 & 5 Arneson

Wednesday  4:30 – 6:00 Ballet 2 Child  Miller

 4:30 – 6:00   Ballet 4 & 5  Short 

6:00 – 7:00   Pointe Levels 3-5  Short 

6:00 – 7:00   Jazz  Arneson 


Thursday  4:30 – 6:00  Ballet 3 Child  Ethridge

 4:30 – 6:00   Ballet 4 & 5  Cook

 6:00 – 7:00   Contemporary  O’Toole

 6:00 – 7:00   Tap  Sandate


Friday 10:00 – 11:30  Open Ballet  Tobiason

 4:30 – 6:00   Ballet 3 Child  Cook 

 4:30 – 6:00   Ballet 4 & 5  Short 

 6:00 – 7:30   Adult Beginner Ballet  Cook

 6:00 – 7:00   Pointe Int./Adv.  Short

Saturday  9:00 – 9:45 Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet Williams

10:00 – 11:30   Open Ballet/Ballet 5 Tobiason

11:00 – 12:00   Hip Hop  Avincula

3:00 - 5:00        South Pacific Island Historic Dance

 Schedule and faculty subject to cha

Winter/Spring Session 2019

January 21st - June 8th 2019


10:00 - 11:15 am          Jazz Fusion Adult      Arneson

4:30 - 6:00 pm              Ballet 4                        Moore 

4:30 - 6:00 pm              Ballet A                       TBD

6:00 - 7:30 pm              Horton                        Moore 

6:30 - 8:00 pm             African                        TBD      

Fee Schedule Fall/Winter 2018

Fee Schedule Fall/Winter 2018/2019

Tuition is based on two 18-week Sessions and are divided into equal monthly installments payable on the 15th of each month, September thru June. There are no discounts for missed classes, vacations or holidays. See registration form for complete registration, tuition and withdrawal policies.

CHILDREN’S BALLET DIVISION        Class Length                    Monthly Rate

One Class per week.

Creative Movement                               45 minutes                         50.00

Pre-Ballet                                                 60 minutes                         60.00



Level indicates technical training and number of classes required per week.

Level 1B                                                    90 minutes                        75.00

Level 2B                                                    90 minutes                      115.00

Level 3B                                                    90 minutes                      155.00

Level 4                                                      90 minutes                      175.00

Level 5                                                      90 minutes                      190.00

ENHANCEMENT CLASSES (for enrolled ballet students)

Classes may include: West African, Jazz, Contemporary, Pointe, Hip Hop, Tap

                                                                 45 minutes                           45.00

                                                                 60 minutes                           50.00

Three Class Bundle                                                                           125.00

INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITY CLASSES (for students not enrolled in ballet)

Classes may include: West African, Jazz, Contemporary, Pointe, Hip Hop, Tap, Flamenco

                                                                45 minutes                            55.00

                                                                60 minutes                            60.00

                                                                90 minutes                            80.00

ADULT CLASSES                            Drop-in                                                                  15.00

                                                               Students/Seniors 65+/military                        12.00  

                                                               Barre Only                                                             10.00

Registration Fee:  25.00 Annual fee, due in September or upon enrollment

Company Performance Fee:  75.00 Annual Fee, due in October - covers costumes & rehearsals

Non-Company Performance Fee:  75.00 Per student per production due on 1st day of rehearsal

Recital Costume:  65.00 Per costume, due in February

Late Fee:  20.00 Late fee for tuition payments received after the 20th 


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Dress Code 2018


T.U.P.A.C. requires a dress code that allows instructors to clearly evaluate technique and make corrections. 

Students not attired in dress code will not participate in class but will sit out and take notes.

Leotard color is based upon class placement as listed below. 

Leotard can be tank, camisole, short, long or three quarter-sleeved. 

Tights: Colored or dyed to match skin color transitions tights (no ballet pink)

Ballet Shoes: Canvas Split Sole, Colored or dyed to match skin color (no ballet pink) 

Tip: Use liquid foundation make-up to match the students skin color use a make-up sponge to apply to canvas shoe.

Not Permitted: Leotards with ruffles, bows, skirts, flowers or puffy sleeves. 

Jewelry should be left at home. Small, stud-style earrings only are allowed, 

facial jewelry must be flush with skin, no septum rings.

Gentlemen/Boys Ballet Class Attire:

Black men’s tights or black dance shorts (must be form fitting), dance belt,

white fitted tee shirt, thin white socks, white ballet shoes (canvas or leather).

Ladies/Girls Ballet Class Attire Leotard Color:

Creative Movement: Light Pink

Pre Ballet:            Lavender

Ballet 1A/1B        Light Blue

Ballet 2A/2B:       Lavender

Ballet 3A/3B:       Lavender

Ballet 4:                 Purple

Ballet 5:                 Black

Other Classes Attire & Shoes

Lyrical:  ballet class attire, ballet slippers

Hip Hop: comfortable attire clean, indoor sneakers

Jazz:  ballet class attire, jazz shoes or jazz sneakers (skin colored or black)

Modern:  ballet class attire, bare feet or foot undeez

West African: ballet class attire, bare feet or foot undeez, fabric skirt (ladies)

Flamenco: ballet attire, Character Skirt & Shoes

Where to Buy Apparel and Shoes:

Dance Collection, Tacoma 


Ladies: Hair must be in high secured bun or puff and off of the neck. 

Bangs or loose hair must be pinned back; hair gel or spray as needed.  

Pixie cuts or Afro styles must also be off of the face and neck.

Men: Men’s Hair should not be a distraction. Longer hair must be pulled back or pinned away from eyes.

Warm Ups

Students may wear warm ups for the first 5 minutes of class - longer only with instructor approval and

must be dance apparel. Students are not permitted to wear street clothes at any time during class except for Hip-Hop.

Bye-bye Ballet Pink

T.U.P.A.C. is leading the way in embracing and creating racial parity in the ballet community. All of our students wear tights and ballet slippers to match their unique skin tones; we also find that having the legs and feet match the skin on the face and arms, extends the line of the dancer.

Find out why T.U.P.A.C embraces nude shoes and tights

Please read prior to registering!

Students are registered when payment has been received and all paperwork has been completed and returned to T.U.P.A.C. either via our website or in the office. Registration Fee and Tuition are non-refundable, unless there is a medical note from a licensed physician. 

YDP students will address all staff by their Sir names (i.e. Miss Smith, Mr. Jones - Mrs., Miss, Mr.) and in a respectful manner. At no time are students to address staff by their first names (i.e. Miss Judy, Mr. Mike).

YDP students are to leave all cell phones and electronics in the basket at the front desk while in class.

Attendance is very important, when a student misses class(es), it effects the student as well as the class as a whole.

The following guidelines will be implemented for unexcused absences:
If a student has 2 absences, they will be contacted by the T.U.P.A.C staff to question the status of the student and if the student should be removed from the class. After a third absence the student will be removed from the class. There will be no class credit or refund without a medical note from a licensed practitioner.
T.U.P.A.C. reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. If T.U.P.A.C. cancels class, we will provide a class credit or tuition refund.

T.U.P.A.C. does not provide supervision of students outside of the dance class. T.U.P.A.C.  Staff is not responsible for non-registered children. Non-registered children are not to be without parental/adult guardian  supervision at the T.U.P.A.C.  studios at any time. Students arriving early for class or who are waiting to be picked up are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. Respecting others is expected from every member of T.U.P.A.C.
T.U.P.A.C. may suspend, dismiss, or refuse services to any student whose behavior or attitude conflicts with the standard of the school, or whose actions are deemed detrimental to other students or the school as a whole.
No one outside of staff, students, instructors or accompanists are allowed inside the studio while classes are in session.
Photography and videotaping by students and parents is not permitted.
All equipment including fans, heaters, sound systems, video monitors are to be operated by staff and instructors only.
Running in halls or in the studio, rough housing, swearing, climbing on barres are not permitted.
T.U.P.A.C. is not responsible for lost or stolen items. A Lost and Found box is kept in the Lobby, and items not retrieved in 10 days will be donated to charity.
Please use the Dressing Rooms to change clothes. Student uniforms are to be left in the numbered mesh bag and put in the designated basket after class, they will be laundered by T.U.P.A.C. Staff, and returned to the basket.
No gum is permitted beyond the trash can at the entry door of the studio.
Please bring a spill-proof unbreakable water bottle with you to class, this is the only liquid permitted in the studio.
Please use the trash & recycle bins, and keep T.U.P.A.C. neat and tidy.
T.U.P.A.C. reserves the right to engage a substitute teacher, and classes are subject to change.
I hereby agree to participate/have my child/children/myself participate in T.U.P.A.C.'s dance classes and workshops. I recognize the physical risks inherit in any dance program and I hereby agree to indemnity and hold harmless T.U.P.A.C. and its instructional staff from any and all claims, costs, liabilities, expenses and judgments arising out of participation, or illness/injury therefrom. I also give T.U.P.A.C. and its staff and authorized official's permission to take photographs and make videos and yet to be invented media of my child while he/she is participating in classes and/or performance activities for the purpose of educational processes, fund-raising, public relations, and other specific reasons as deemed appropriate by the organization's Directors.


I do hereby give authority to T.U.P.A.C. and its staff to obtain necessary emergency medical treatment for my child/children/myself with the understanding that the family will be notified as soon as possible.