Dress Code & FAQ

There is a strict dress code for each level of T.U.P.A.C. students. So that we may accurately instruct students in proper techniques, the body must be visible. Showing respect for our art in conduct as well as a dress code helps foster the required discipline it takes to learn a classical art.

Leotards, tights and shoes can be purchased at the Dance Collection, 4854 S. Adams St 98409, 253-471-4225, or online. 

Dancers who are not in dress code may be asked to sit out and observe class for that day.For safety and etiquette, only small post earrings may be worn. Facial jewelry must be flush (even) with the skin. No other jewelry including necklaces, watches, and bracelets or rings may be worn.Hair must be secured to keep hair out of eyes, and off of the neck – this is necessary for proper spotting. Hair clips and bows should not dangle from the ends of braids or twists. If hair is short there is no need to force it into a bun.

GIRLS 6-10:     Royal Blue (non-shiny) short sleeve leotard (no camisoles or fancy back), transition tights that match student’s skin color, canvas split soled ballet slippers – nude, pink or white (to be colored to match students skin color).

GIRLS & YOUNG WOMEN 11-18: Burgundy (non-shiny) short sleeve leotard, (no camisoles or fancy backs, sports bra if needed to be worn underneath), transition tights that match student’s skin color, canvas split soled ballet slippers – nude, pink or white (to be colored to match students skin color).

BOYS & YOUNG MEN 6-18:  White short-sleeve fitted tee shirt or leotard, black dance belt, black dance shorts or black transition tights, short white socks, white canvas split soled ballet shoes. 

GIRLS & YOUNG WOMEN:  African Lappas (short dance skirt) available at reception desk $20.00. Liturgical/Praise Skirt, white available at discountpraise.com $20-$25.

Each student will be assigned a numbered mesh bag & they are to leave their school uniforms (leotards & tights) in the marked basket. The school will launder the uniforms after each use. Dance shoes are also to be left in the marked basket, the shoes will be numbered to coincide with the dance wear.



Q. Where is T.U.P.A.C. located?

A. T.U.P.A.C. is located at 734 Pacific Ave,  3rd floor  in the 733ARTS building between 7th and 9th Ave. The Tacoma Link Light Rail, Theater District Stop is at our back door at 733 Commerce St, soundtransit.org/tacomalink, for schedule.

Q. What qualifications are necessary to register for dance classes?

A. Auditions for placement are not necessary. The Fall/Winter YDP Session will be divided by maturity and will follow the guidelines for the age and development of students as set by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS).  Fall/Winter Session begins: Monday September 18th, 2017.

Q. How is the school year organized?

A. The 2017/18 School year is divided into two sessions, Fall/Winter  Sept.18th - Jan. 19th and Winter/Spring Jan.20th - June 8th. There are two 3 week 2018 Summer Sessions: July 9th - July 27th &  August 30th - Aug. 17th.

Q. Are classes open to observation throughout the year?

A. No, parents and outside guests may not observe classes, it is disruptive to the student and instructor. Parent observation will occur one week in each session.

Q. Are scholarships available?

A. There are merit and need based scholarships available for YDP students.

Q. Will there be performance opportunities?

A. All T.U.P.A.C. YDP students in good standing have the opportunity to participate in various productions throughout each session.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

A. Email: office@tacomaupac.org, or call: 253-327-1873. All students should also report their absences here.

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