Young Dancer Program (YDP) SCHOLARSHIP

  A limited number of scholarships are available and are awarded on the basis of financial need and class performance. Scholarships are granted for no longer than one semester and applications must be submitted by the following dates:

Summer Semester: March 15 2018

This is the general fund for students attending the Young Dancer Program. The fund helps reduce tuition costs for our deserving dancers. 

Requirements for Consideration:

1.  Completed Parents Financial Form 

2. A completed 1099 form from the previous tax year listing income.

All applications and financial information are kept confidential. T.U.P.A.C. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, sex, or ethnic origin.

Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Center will not accept any applications past the stated deadline.  Applications that are incomplete or do not include all of the required paperwork will be automatically declined. 

All forms may be emailed to: or dropped off at the office.

  Kabby Mitchell III Scholarship

This fund honors Kabby Mitchell III's founding of T.U.P.A.C. and his vision to provide excellent classical ballet  training to the under-served yet deserving urban youth in Tacoma. As per Kabby's  wishes, the Kabby Mitchell III Scholarship will assist one deserving T.U.P.A.C. YDP II  student per year, in pursuing their dreams of a career in dance by providing them with one full year of dance at T.U.P.A.C. including Master Classes and the  Summer Session classes.

Eligibility for this scholarship is by audition and essay only. The Kabby Mitchell III program is a year round program that runs

 July 2018– June 2019. This scholarship is based on acceptance into the program. Application deadline is March 16th, 2018. 


1. Acceptance letter of award acknowledging The T.U.P.A.C. Board of Directors. 

2. A maximum of three absences (combined) in  the  Summer, Fall/Winter & Spring Sessions. 

3. Three  essays (minimum 500 words each) sharing how The Kabby Mitchell III Scholarship and T.U.P.A.C have assisted you to work closer towards your goal of becoming a professional dancer. Essays are to be submitted to the school office and received by the following dates:   August 3rd, 2018, November 16th, 2018 and May 24th, 2019. All materials submitted will be the property of T.U.P.A.C. and may be used in future publications and/or promotions.  

Further details and applications will be online and available in the T.U.P.A.C. office in March 2018.

TUPAC Scholarship Form (pdf)